Judith A. O’Donnell: Michigan Divorce and Family Law

Trained and skilled not only as an attorney, Judith A. O’Donnell also has a Masters degree in family studies. Because of this extra training, she has a deeper understanding of your concerns. An effective listener, she works with you to solve all of your family law problems, and understands the care and attention that you need in order to proceed through the process.

Attorney Judith A. O’Donnell has developed a solid reputation for helping her clients and their families find resolution not only in the short term but the long term as well. Concerned for your future, she teams with professionals in financial, insurance, real estate and other service businesses to help you reach goals.

Working with you to understand your options, you will be well educated and can have a vision of the future and what results to expect fairly early on in the process. Put her experience throughout Michigan – especially in Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County to work for you.